Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

This weeks word prompt is provided by Elephants Child (you can find her in my sidebar).
this weeks words are:
ghoul, ambiguous, forgery, benefit, affair, parade
delight, whisper, bottle, homicidal, sawdust, circle
I think Elephants Child has taken a walk on the 'dark side' with these words.  Should be fun.

"You are a homicidal maniac." Ed growled.
"And you, my sweet, are a delight as always." Denise purred."
"Don't be ambiguous darling.  Tell me what you really think."
"You don't want to know."
"Keep your voice down.  They're coming." Ed whispered.
They crouched within the sheltered area provided by the circle of green dumpsters.  The sawdust used to soak up the blood from the killings providing a cushion beneath their feet.
An old wino slumped beside one dumpster looked hopefully at the empty bottle beside him, then, threw it with a curse.  
Denise shook her head sadly.  "There is no benefit to be had from that kind of behaviour." she hissed.  
"A sad state of affairs." Ed agreed...probably the first time all day they had agreed on anything.
"Here they come," Denise said softly, "the old man and the young one who looks like a ghoul."
"That's the drugs." Ed sighed.
"The forgery worked great." Harvey enthused.  "I got enough money to get the assault rifle we need to mount an attack on tomorrows parade."
"Great, and I've got thirteen bombs to plant all along the route."  Felix grinned and rubbed his hands together.
"NOW" Ed shrieked as he and Denise launched their own attack on the two terrorists.  In the morning the sawdust would have soaked up two more lives and the two super cats would be snoozing quietly in a ray of sunshine on the couch, dreaming of the next midnight adventure.


  1. Hooray for super cats. A security force I could embrace (if they allowed it).

  2. This might be a story but, frighteningly, it is something that can happen anytime, anywhere.

  3. Cats?? I thought they were real terrorists and avengers. Well done :)

    1. Two real terrorists and two real super cats defending the human race while we sleep.

  4. Good for the super cats! How i would love to see them let loose in certain places around the earth.


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