Monday, 23 April 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  (you can find Diane in my sidebar)  Each week Diane provides us with a theme which we can use or totally ignore and wing it.  This week the theme is Mr. Sun.  Why not join in and write a little something?

on velvet feet
a whisper in the room
a flash of emerald
in the gloom
to pounce and play
on mice to prey
but oh what bliss
when comes the day
in sun warmed comfort
there to lay
to sleep and dream
the whole long lovely
sun drenched day

with thanks to the internet for just the exact right picture.


  1. They really are sun sponges aren't they? And you captured that bliss so very well. As did the picture.

  2. A perfect description of a cat :)

  3. Great poem. Fits the description of a cat to a 'T'.

  4. I love your poem, Delores! And I very nearly used that picture at the last of my post today - wouldn't that have been a hoot, with all the pictures that are out there on the internet :D

    My favourite line was "a flash of emerald" - perfect.

  5. Perfect words and what a great picture you used too!

    All the best Jan

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