Monday, 16 April 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  You can find Diane in my side bar.  Each week Diane provides us with a theme from which to start.  You can use the theme or not...whatever you like....
This week the theme is Spring. 

The hyacinth we brought home last spring bloomed and was fragrant
when it died
was tossed aside
in a corner of the basement and forgotten.

Just last week, in a frenzy of cleaning
it was discovered with three, magic,
spires of green thrusting through the cracked soil.

We set it in a place of importance in our living room window,
watered and sunlit
green and growing;
a resurrection.

When it dies we will toss it aside,
to be surprised by the miracle;
life from death

I have to admit this is not new and fresh writing.  It is several years old.  My poetry brain is on vacation this week.


  1. Love your tribute to Spring. Old or new, your poetry brain is a gem.

  2. I've had several plants resurrect themselves when I thought they were long gone. Nice poem.

  3. I love this. Spring is definitely a time of miracles.

  4. Yes, very lovely. A time of renewal, sometimes for the most unexpected things.

  5. Inspiring then. Inspiring now!

  6. So true. My mother and her generation, I think, took more care with their plants. I remember Mom digging up her bulbs each fall and storing them carefully until spring.

    And it's funny that care doesn't always equal survival. So often it seems plants live if they're going to live and die if they're going to die, and what we do only goes so far.

  7. I enjoyed your poem ...

    All the best Jan

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