Monday, 2 April 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  You can find her in my sidebar.  Each week Diane gives us a theme which you can use or totally disregard and choose your own topic.  Why not join's free, it's fun.....what could go wrong?  Right?
This weeks topic is 'this modern life'.

This modern life
is full of strife.
You'd think it would be easy.
But, current events today
have left us feeling queasy.
Shootings, stabbings, wars and such...
are we impressed...
well, no, not much.
This race for rats
s'not where it's at
in fact it leaves us 
feeling flat.


  1. Often true, but 'Hope Springs Eternal'.

  2. I still have hope that good will overcome evil - somehow.

  3. Perfect! Definitely feeling the 'flat' part!

  4. I think every generation thinks things are getting worse, but I was reading somewhere that there are actually fewer wars and deaths from wars now that there were in past generations. I think we are more exposed to all of it via the media these days, so it seems worse than it is. Having said that, I do get a bit "queasy" seeing what is going on south of the border :) I have faith in their checks and balances, though.

  5. Jenny is correct. Media has brought all the good and the evil right into our homes. There is nothing really hidden.


  6. Great poem. Wish there wasn't so much truth in it.


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