Sunday, 22 April 2018

It's Not Easy

a square peg in a round hole
sharp, brittle edges
exposed to the hammer of acceptance
required to 'make it fit'
damaged beyond repair
every chip, every sliver removed
making it that much less of itself
not enough of 'another'

to everyone who tried to make me fit into their round hole of were wrong
to everyone I tried to make fit into my square hole of acceptance...I was wrong and I'm sorry
we are all unique, individual, special, beautiful and we all deserve to be ourselves

as Kermit would say, it's not easy being green

No, it's NOT easy being green.  It's not easy being yourself.  But, it is SO worth it.  It takes some of us (me) a long time to get there but when we do....oh the light.  Be brave.  Be yourself.


  1. This is good.

    I believe I worried about what others thought of me for far too long. Now, I might not worry enough, which would explain why I'm so wholly and completely alone. Which is fine, really.

    1. Thanks Harry. I think I've strayed too far to the 'other side' myself.

  2. I always worried about what everyone thought about me. Still am super sensitive. Stems from childhood when I was teased by my classmates. Always the last one chosen for the team. Sticks with you.

  3. It is not easy being green, so true. Kermit is a smart frog. As a senior citizen I am more accepting of myself and others and have learned to cherish our differences.

  4. perfectly expressed,, that is the solid truth!

  5. Kermit brought me to tears more than once with that song, as you have now with your poem. So many little people need to hear this message. And probably a lot of big people, too.

  6. Great words and great post!

    Happy Sunday.

    All the best Jan

  7. So many of us never quite fitted. And carved chunks of ourselves away and STILL didn't/don't fit.
    Great poem and sentiment. Thank you.

    1. Then we spend te rest of our lives trying to reattach those pieces.

  8. What I have learned in life is that no one is secure, everybody has their fears and disappointments, and we all hold secrets. I like that time has mellowed me, and I can live in my world where the only opinions that matter to me are those of my loved ones.

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