Saturday, 14 April 2018

Happy Saturday

Gotta love Spring right?  The red screen is up and a miserable ice storm is on its way.  Very wide spread across South Western and into Eastern Ontario.  Potentially serious....high winds....may take our hydro out.  So...the usual.....cook some extra food, water in the fridge, pails in the bathroom, candles and flashlight at the ready and for heavens sake people...STAY OFF THE ROAD.  It is raining now and the temp is zero...this is to continue into Monday.    Fingers crossed.


  1. I hope the storm doesn't live up to the prediction, but you have to be prepared. Hunker down, Delores; hunker down! Spring has to come sooner or later, right??

    1. We've had the ice pellets for most of the day...everything is slick.

  2. Stay warm, stay safe.
    On this side of the world our temperatures have been MUCH warmer than usual. And fires are burning out of control. The winds are strong too.
    I am (again) thinking that some world-wide weather moderation would be nice.

  3. Well I'd better not tell you that we had a wonderful Spring day in my part of the UK today!

    Please stay warm and stay safe.
    Thinking of you.

    All the best Jan

  4. Yes please, stay off the roads. I hope it is all over rather quickly and you don't lose water or power. I cook extra when I know there might be a chance of blackouts too. I'm always surprised that other people don't. I have battery operated lanterns that I keep handy too.

  5. Isn't it strange how many people suddenly decide to go for a drive in conditions like this? Mostly folks with four wheel drive vehicles trying to prove to themselves that they can drive in it...

    It sounds like you are prepared and ready to hunker down, here's hoping for springtime with warm weather, blooming flowers and birds singing to arrive fo you.


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