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Words For Wednesday

WFW is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  It's been around for quite a while now and we are always glad to see people join us.  You can use the weekly prompts any way you like.  Use all some or none of the words.  The idea is just to become inspired to write...anything...poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, sci fi or fantasy. Why not give it a try.  Leave your offering here in comments or on your own blog.  Just let us know if you are posting on your own blog so we can come and read and encourage.  
Here are this weeks prompt words:
tarmac, whine, lobby, vestige, dither, spark
enormous, jitters, dangle, stumped, bellicose and mangle.
Have fun with these.


  1. I like these words :)
    I don't know what I'll do with them yet, but it's a great selection.

    1. I'll be waiting for Friday to see what you do with them.

  2. When she joined the company, promotion to management was the carrot which was dangled in front of her. Those dreams were mangled early. Every Tom, Dick and Harry was promoted, and paid bonuses. She was not. The very thought of lobbying for change gave her an enormous case of the jitters but Nicole knew it was her last chance. She could dither, whine to her friends and let his behaviour continue or she could let the very last vestige of self respect spark a revolt (and hopefully a revolution). So she took her courage in both hands and asked John for a raise. To be paid the same wage for the same job as her co-workers, without the constant commentary on her looks and what she was wearing.
    John was his usual bellicose self. 'Equal pay? Equal opportunity? I am stumped. Whatever put that idea into your pretty little head? Is it that time of the month? Is that why you are carrying on like this? You girlies crack me up. Talk to me again about equality when you are prepared to get those delicate little hands dirty, lifting heavy weights, doing the plumbing, the ditch digging, driving the trucks, laying the tarmac...Forget it, petal. '
    'Ditch digging? Tarmac? This is an accountancy firm. I quit. And the Equal Opportunity Board are going to be interested in the tapes from your board meetings...

    1. And soon the arrogant so-and-so will discover her delicate little hands don't mind getting dirty stirring a very heavy pot!! Go for it, Nicole!

      Well done, EC. :)

    2. A very timely theme for your story and great job with the words.

    3. Let's hope she gets them to let some new ideas into their heads.

    4. Very well done EC! John certainly needs to be brought into the twenty first century and the Equal Opportunities board will do that I hope. His attitude to women is very patronising. I think. Is that the right word? Anyhow, it's wrong and John needs to learn that. Go Nicole!

    5. Very timely and so unfortunate that it too so much time for some to become enlightened!

  3. And here is my account...

    "It was the first time Meggie had ever set foot on a TARMAC. The Qantas jet waiting for her to board looked ENORMOUS.
    The SPARK that was usually in her eyes had already been doused before she left the hotel. Now, seeing the size of the monster in front of her, she had a massive dose of the JITTERS.

    But, regardless of the fearsome sight of the jet and what had occurred at the hotel, she told herself not to WHINE. After what she had witnessed, she believed there were others in worse situations than she was. There was no need for anyone to DANGLE a temptation in front of her to board that monster. She would do as her father had always told her to do when facing her fears...”Take a deep breath; believe in yourself, and forge forth.”

    An hour or so earlier when waiting in the hotel LOBBY for her taxi to arrive to take her to the airport, she’d already been in a DITHER about the flight, without the BELLICOSE behaviour of one of the hotel guests to add to her fragile nerves.

    The rude, ignorant creature had made a mountain out of a molehill. Without the slightest VESTIGE of decency or good manners, he created a horrible scene.

    His ranting at the woman with him, who Meggie imagined was his wife, STUMPED Meggie and, obviously, the other guests, as

    Meggie had never witnessed such aggressive behaviour before, let alone in such a public place. The hotel was a five-star establishment. Surely his type of behaviour wasn’t a regular occurrence.

    Why someone would want to MANGLE everyone’s day; why someone would gain pleasure out of belittling their partner in such a manner, whether in public or privately, was beyond Meggie’s understanding.

    However, the more she thought about it, the more she realised the man made a fool of himself, not his partner; and he was far to ignorant to realise it."

    1. I understand Meggie's discomfort about air travel.....she is far braver than I, and, very wise in her attitude toward the cretin.

    2. I am not a fan of air travel either. The attitude of the man would be sufficient distraction for me to forget that though. A little person making himself feel big - and look small. Great job Lee.

    3. People who have such scenes in public are very, very sad inside. Somehow i think it's not much fun to be them.

    4. I love to fly, but the behaviour of that man would certainly make me feel uncomfortable and ready to jump on the first plane out. I hope his wife got a quiet revenge by charging extensively from the hotel gift shop.
      Good story Lee.

    5. I'm with River on this one. Shop till he drops!

  4. Sorry that i am late to the party, it's been a long, busy day.

    My story is here.


  5. Thursday, 8 March 2018
    Words for Wednesday. The Dirty Trick.
    Today's words are. Tarmac, Whine, Lobby, Vestige, Dither Spark.

    This is my Story, It goes back to the war in the Pacific closing to its end in 1945.

    It had become like a routine for both the Allied ships of the Pacific fleet also the Japanese suicide pilots who like their predecessors were waiting by their planes on the tarmac in the islands of Miyako Shima and Ishigaki group of islands.
    Today was to be different, and very early in the day at first light, I was able to calculate that 'Something Different'. I spoke to the navigator who had stepped out from the bridge lobby with a smoke and coffee, saying "how far are we away from today's target area" " About the same as usual " Say's he.. I replied " One doesn't have to be a bright spark to notice the whine of the carrier planes now taking off are using additional fuel tanks and this has me in a dither wondering why, that there is hardly a vestige of truth in your statement sir with my apologies for doubting your word, how come the extra fuel tanks?. his reply was " I can't say now but we are expecting a day a bit different than is usual
    " Flying stations were ordered over the Tannoy speakers of our large Battleship The flagship of the British Pacific fleet of some seventy ships a quarter the size of the US fleet. The gun crews closed up and prepared for any outcome The norm would be to expect the Kamikazes within the hour or so.following the Allied planes back to the A/C Carriers, the Carriers being the prime target for the Kamikazes.but why the day was to be different and eventually all of our planes returning and not one enemy plane sighted?
    Later in the day, the following information was leaked. The extra fuel tanks were dropped over the target area together with bombs etc and on leaving the area to return to the carriers the Japanese planes followed and they only had fuel for a one way suicide trip to heaven so to speak ran into trouble when the Allied planes corrected their 45 degrees diagonal course away from their destination thereby doubling the return distance.
    Little is known about the outcome simply because the Japanese planes couldn't get to our ships or have enough fuel to return to their bases. ... Daily Gaggle.Vest. Also on my blog.

    1. E C. We are all born equal, but that is where it ends. Someone told me that a man could dig a ditch or plant a field much quicker than a woman thereby avoiding equal pay. but that is where the original thinking evolved. However sitting on one's backside in a office doing equal work deserves equal reward.

  6. LEE. Quite a revelation. I have seen plenty of bad behaviour at airports . some of it deliberate when celebs or sporties try to let people know who they are by loud mouthing. Some time ago I had a near neighbour who was the streets mouthpiece, oddly her name was Prudence.

  7. Replies
    1. I did pop over to read...y'all drop in on Cindi. Its a great story.


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