Thursday, 29 March 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Ralph turned up the volume on his favourite Johnny Cash song.  "Brilliant" he grinned. "I hear that train a comin', comin' round the bend".  Ralph sang along with Johnny as he took his place in the ancient engine.  The coal crib was full he noted, the amount split between the trip to Belmont City and back home again.  He pondered the difference between the simplicity of the gauges and the high tech gadgetry of the new diesel trains.
"Hang in there old girl." he murmured to the engine.  "You'll be rolling along the track in no time.  Just like the old days with a sound like thunder and a blast from your whistle to let everyone at the Belmont station know you're pulling in one more time.  And don't worry old girl, the crew got that boulder off the tracks last night.  There will be no repeat of that misstep in 1841.|
A giant shudder ran through the framework of the  old engine.


  1. There is a real romance to steam trains - and I love hearing that this one is back on track.
    Thank you.

  2. A 176 year pld engine, little wonder it shuddered poor old thing, Nice little story.

  3. Should read OLD. BTW Have posted on my blog, all about fairies.

  4. *Snap!* quite a few similarities here. I've just finished scheduling my story :)
    I like yours a lot.

  5. I love riding trains and have done it all my life. The sound of the whistle as the freight passes through the next town is the loveliest sound there is. However, with all the accidents in the past few years, we do worry about what those freight trains are carrying.

  6. An old train is such fun. Thank you so much for the words this month!

  7. There's something decidedly romantic about old trains and something haunting about the sound of their whistles. I love the last sentence of your story... almost as though the train remembers that old misstep.

    Great job. as always!

  8. Choo choo train a beating down the track gotta keep her moving never coming back... Nice song, Neil Sedaka ,, Sixties , during my virile age. sigh.


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