Friday, 9 March 2018

The Library Lady

cold as ice
in marbled hush
she carries silence with her
wears it
like a cape around her shoulders
to intrude seems almost
needs must
the degree of hoar frost in her eyes
would flash freeze a side of beef
"Please miss....can you tell me
where the science section is?"
the eyebrows raise
the finger points
having pointed.....
murmuring quiet thanks
you distance yourself
from the frozen tundra of her desk

I was always somewhat intimidated by the library lady.


  1. Ours was warm and wonderful. And happy to share her love of books.
    I suspect your library lady turned off more people than she inspired.

  2. I always think of library ladies as being very disciplined but always helpful. My SIL worked in a library and loved, loved, loved her job.

  3. That's not a GOOD library lady. A good one thinks more of the people looking for books than she does of the books themselves. But you did make me laugh with the flash freezing line!

  4. Interesting poem. Our library ladies weren't as intimidating, as long as you spoke normally and didn't shout. There were frowns if books were returned late, but children usually got a week of grace before a fine was imposed.

  5. I have known several library ladies including my daughter and all were wonderful.

  6. Ohhh, what a picture that paints. We do have some wonderful ladies in the library these days but when we first moved here and went in to get a library card we were scrutinized by a line of them standing near the door as we left, after being turned down because we had no local references. Even though we had just purchased a home in town 6 months ago and had now renovated and moved here permanently. We had to ask the banker for a reference as we had known her longer than our neighbors. It was so sad we were treated that way. Now we are Friends of the Library, of course, and they take our money every year with a smile. Hubby even became a volunteer in the Children's room and would read to the kids who loved him and his voices and facial expressions as he read. It was an experience I don't want to ever repeat as it made us feel unwelcome in our new Town.

  7. Great poem ...
    I love to visit libraries, and have met both a more frosty librarian to those who were so sweet.

    I'm pleased to say that the grandchildren love visiting the library.

    Due to our recent move I still need to register at our local library ... and I'm looking forward to doing so.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. Fascinating how different our experiences were. The Library Ladies were always very nice to me, with one exception.

  9. Fun poem, but if any of the librarians from my childhood were anything like that, I might not have spent nearly as much time at the library as I did. I adored all of our librarians, (I belonged to a LOT of different libraries) and they were all terrific about introducing me to new authors.


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