Monday, 5 March 2018

Poetry Monday....Yes, It's Back

A trick
a tease...
Mother Nature hides her grin,
lulls us into complacency.
"Just wait." she smirks
"it's coming back."
She giggles
as the sun warms us.
Look over your shoulder.
Winter's returning
with a blast.
Seems like it's here
to last.
With no intent of passing fast.
Icicles form along the eaves,
ice on the drive, one of my peeves.
Mother Nature laughs.
Her revenge is sweet.
Mother Nature's nasty treat.

Diane is back from vacation and with her return comes Poetry Monday.  Check out Diane at On The Alberta Montana Border in my sidebar.


  1. I do love your poem - but it is the sweaty season I consider Mother Nature's nastiest trick. And Summer is slower to leave than the rudest of house guests here...

  2. I do echo EC's delightful comment. And I delight in your well-crafted poem. I can only offer a 4-line poem from my gardening (w/Geo.) blog -- and invite you to visit:

    Each daffodil echoes the
    Universe in explosion.
    We're all dust from
    The same flower.

    1. And now I have thw wonderful image of a flower exploding in deepest darkets space and providing the material for every single thing in the universe.

  3. Good poem, like Indian summer in reverse.

  4. Mother Nature will break down and let springtime slip in pretty soon. I like your poem you did really good with it.

  5. Nasty indeed. Grumble . . . .
    P.S. Great job on the poem! :)

  6. Well you have hit the nail on the head with this...well choreographed. While last week's "nor'easter" gave us RAIN & WIND, this week's "nor'easter" is supposed to give us SNOW...YEAH!!!! ...:)JP

  7. Yes, there's always at least one of these "tricks" each spring here! Apparently there was one on the night I was born, lo these many years ago (in early May, would you believe). The nice thing is that they don't last long. Well done on the poem, Delores!

  8. Thanks guys. As always a truly appreciate your comments.

  9. Old Man Winter just does not want to let go.

  10. It is now 1317 hrs March 7 in Eastern Australia, Will you be posting your prompts for Wednesday today or are you still snoring where you reside in a remote part of the globe?

    1. I post at 12:30am canadian time in the hopes that it will be closer to your Wednesday.

  11. I now note we are 16 hours ahead in time travel, enjoy your repose.

  12. Frivolous fun...well done. And, winter only a couple of months away...and how I look forward to it.

  13. Lee. In the coolness of winter time flies like an arrow in Queensland, But in summer Fruit flies like a banana so I am told.

  14. Tte only time I was ever in Canada was Feb 1958 in Halifax, Enough T F T B O A B MONKEY.


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