Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Man And His Shovel

He stands before
the wild winds blast,
feet planted firm
prepared for the task.
One load at a time
is all he asks
of his trusty shovel.

The house stands warm
behind his back,
of comfort therein
he feels no lack
but he's not a man
one could call 'slack'
as he wields his trusty shovel.

The snow comes down
but he stands firm.
He'll last throughout
the snow falls term,
this trusty man
and his shovel.

Sadly this is not a photo from today....I didn't think to get the camera out.  The snow was three times deeper than the photo shows.  (And the trusty man and his shovel are both a whole lot older now.)


  1. Just like driving, shovelling snow is one of the last things the man of the house is willing to give up :)

    P. S. You can keep your snow out there, thank you!

  2. Your husband? The poem is a lovely tribute.

    1. Yes...that's the hubs....a few years ago.....we've had a LOT more snow this winter.

  3. excellent!! I enjoyed this very much!

  4. Lordy how many times I remember doing just that Delores, although I no longer need a snow shovel since we moved to California, this poem reminds me of so many days that I labored only to see my work soon covered over. Your picture is so fitting of your wonderful poem.

    1. Lucky you. I think I might be willing to trade the odd earthquake for all this snow.

  5. Well said. Beautiful. I don't need a shovel today. I need an ice chipper. Even the grass is frozen.

    1. That is supposed to be on its way later today....freezing rain....yikes.

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