Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a series of weekly writing prompts designed to get our creative juices flowing.  A group of us take it turn about to provide the prompts on a monthly basis.  This month the words are provided by Cindi of Letting the Words Escape.  You can find her in my sidebar.
This week the words are:
birthday, robbery, earthquake, execution, Pooh, Paris
Hepburn, ferry, murder, rolling, ledger, and Tobruk.

The old accountant closed the final ledger for the day and, rolling his chair back from the desk, reached for the gift bag he had stashed under his desk at noon.  A gift for his grandson's birthday, the Pooh bear would be received with joyous squeals, of this he was certain.
He glanced across the street to where the jewellery store robbery took place the day before.  The streets of Paris were no longer a safe and comforting place he mused.  The episode had hit the public like an earthquake disrupting the peaceful flow of life in the community.  
The jeweller was a personal friend of his and while  the man had not been murdered he had been badly injured.  He would drop in to see him at the hospital before he took the ferry to his son's home in London.  He had located a vintage movie poster of Catherine Hepburn, his friends all time favourite star, as a gift for the man he would in all likelihood never see again.  That is, as long as things went as planned.
Smiling grimly he fondled the Pooh bear and explored one more time the secret internal pouch that would be removed once he set foot on England's soil.  He would not return to Paris and his dusty little office.  No, never again, he thought.  All in all, a well executed job.  To bad about his old friend but, he would recover.  No harm no foul. After the birthday party he would set sail for the Port of Tobruk and a glorious retirement.


  1. It probably says nothing good about me but I love and am awed by your devious mind.

    1. that is very clever, especially Catherine Hepburn and executed in the mix - I don't know how you do it!

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  3. Nothing is as it seems. You have a wicked mind, Delores.

  4. What a dirty bird! At least he didn't murder his "friend."

    Great use of the words!

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