Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Wednesdays Words can be found at Letting The Words Escape....check my sidebar.  This week we have a quite a selection.

Here we go:

With a final crash of the keyboard the jazz pianist rose from his bench and bid the audience farewell, bowing low to the King in his royal box.
"Finally." he thought.  Now he was free to attend to his own business.  The avalanche had been cleared from the only road out of the canyon and Wyatt could fly to his Annie's side just in time for their marriage.  The packers had all his belongings loaded in the lodge  bus.  His supper of the retreats famous meat pie was set out and waiting for him.  In just under twelve hours he would be with Annie...forever.
"Excuse me Sir.  Our Supreme Ruler requests yet another number from you if you would be so kind."


  1. Great story, but how is he going to get out of playing an encore?

  2. I think if I was him I'd fake an illness and disappear in the direction of Annie! (Unless the Supreme Ruler had the temperament of that guy in North Korea ...)


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