Monday, 29 January 2018


I am lost in a silence
that threatens to pierce
my eardrums;
the silence
of 'the alone'.
I wind the clock
only to be able to hear
its deep tic toc;
put the kettle on,
not for a hot drink,
but to hear its cheerful whistle;
run the vacuum
just to hear
the sound of industry;
open the window
on a frigid morning
to pick up the rattle 
of passing cars,
the shouts of school children
on their way to their studies.
Life goes on all around
a cacophony of sound
that penetrates my silence,
the silence of 'the alone'.
I put on some music,
rustle the pages of the paper,
tap my pen on the waiting page
and fill my life with sounds,
the sounds of the alone.


  1. Sometimes I think I enjoy the sounds of alone, but then I realise there is no true silence. Sometimes it is just the wind in the trees, or the shush-shush of waves heading to shore, a bird scratching in the garden bed for bugs. All of these are sometimes, (often), preferable to the cacophany of peak time traffic, which I hear far too much of.

  2. Replies
    1. And no need to consider another persons requirements.

  3. Silence can be sad or it can be a time for creative thought.

  4. I'm quite fond of 'alone' it gets that way more as I get older.

  5. Hi human, Delores,

    My human dad has told me that when I'm not with him, the sounds in the distance are a comfort to him as they become the symphony that keeps him focused in the knowledge that he's comfortable in his own company.
    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny! 🐶

    1. Gary must miss you terribly when you are not with him Penny.......but it is good to know he can keep himself company when needs be. Perhaps a recording of your cheery Arf Arf would help as well.

  6. I like "alone" and "quiet" . . . and my other half likes TV at full volume!! Thank goodness we have a large house - lol

    1. Wireless headphones Jenny ....... wireless headphones.

    2. For him or for me? ha ha I'd be afraid he would make himself even deafer if he wore them!

  7. Familiar feeling. Sometimes, I can't fall asleep until I hear the horn and rattle of the train crossing our road 5 miles west.

    1. Some sounds are a trigger.......the sound of the school buses passing rasise me from comfort into the kitchen where I proceed to commence to carry on with supper making.


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