Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Kim Kardashian Sky

We watch
as the sky turns
from mottled grey
to rich, velvet black
and the clouds part
to reveal the moon
taking centre stage.
One by one
the stars drop
from oblivion
to their full blaze 
of the glory
of a Kim Kardashian sky.
The celestial orchestra
plays its silent music
that speaks to the heart,
disturbed only
by the gentle brush
of tree tops
against the glitter.
One star
breaks free
and performs a solo dash
against the dome of the sky,
the Kim Kardashian sky.
We poor bit players
can only stand
and hold our breath
in wonder.


  1. I'm not sure I relate to this. I'm trying to find meaning but can't. Might have something to do with my disdain for needless celebrities, but it is what is it. Thank you for sharing all the same. :)

    1. Some things don't have any hidden meanings....they just the night sky, sparkly like Kim Kardashian.

    2. And yes, I agree with the 'useless' part.

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  3. Oh dear, my comment was too unkind to KK. I had to delete it. I find it difficult to compare a beautiful night sky to a celebrity, just as Robert (above) does!

    1. You should have left was hilarious.

    2. You mean you saw it? I thought I deleted it pretty fast! Or . . . horrors - do all comments show up on your dashboard or something? *thinks to herself, better be more careful*

    3. It's just showed up in my emails...never made it to the blog..more's the pity.

  4. Well, I'm no fan of Kim ... but I did enjoy your poem.

    ...hope you are feeling tons better now :)

    All the best Jan

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  6. Upon reading this again, and (I admit it!) mentally editing the KK parts, this really has beautiful imagery in it, Delores. The night sky dwarfs us humans, doesn't it? You've captured that well.

    1. Thanks was exceptionally sparkly the other night......made me think of KK and her diamonds......the sky has quite a bit more 'substance' though.


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