Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  A group of us take turns providing the prompts month about.  This month the prompts have been found on Elephants' Child's blog (you can find her in my side bar)
and this week the prompts are as follows:
parasol, heel, wag, ascending, hood, stair rods, mint, tottering, chew, binder, coming and pelmet (the valance that hides the curtain rod)  (yes, I had to look it up).
Here we go:

Claire tottered down the runway, one heel on and one heel off, clutching a 1920's parasol (in mint condition thank you VERY much).  In her mind she was trying to decide how on Earth she was going to ascend the spiral staircase without coming down like a sack of potatoes on the landing below.
Bill gave a wag of his head and consulted the pageant binder.  "Claire Bentwhistle" he groaned.  "That old broad can't chew gum and walk at the same time but I'm stuck with her because she funds this whole shebang.  Every year she insists on leading the pageant contestants on to the stage."
Claire grasped one of the stair rods to stop herself from sliding down all the way to the bottom and slowly pulled herself back into a standing position.   She shook her head sadly.  It may just be that she was getting too old for this.  Nah!   Ninety nine isn't old.  She wasn't going to give up yet.  



  1. GO CLAIRE GO!!!!
    Giving up is for sissies.

  2. Of course ninety nine isn't old. Although I do think perhaps Claire should give up the high heels when going up or down stairs.
    Good story, I like it.
    Mine is scheduled for Friday.

  3. Ninety nine and still wearing heels?!?!?!?! Yikes...I dress for comfort, hence heels are only worn when i HAVE to...I loved this...I could "see" her!!...:)JP

  4. I love it! You're only as old as you feel :)

  5. Bravo! I certainly hope I can attempt such a challenge at 99. LOL


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