Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Words For Wdnesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get us writing...anything...just write okay.  Anyone can play.    There are no rules.  Okay just  need to let us know you are participating so we can read.
This month Elephants Child has provided the prompts and she has finished the month out with a bang.  This is a terrific assortment of words.
giraffe, puddle, thorny, evergreen, distant, tubular...and/or....
torrent, cab, aspidistra, faucet, teddies and carbuncle.

Here goes:

The dry and thorny looking evergreen sat in an icy puddle at the distant end of the empty and folorn tree lot.
"I hope you don't mind," Jen said, "but it's free and that's exactly what I can afford."  
She and the cab driver (thank goodness he's my best friend Jen thought to herself) stepped out into a torrent of rain that felt like every faucet in heaven had been left running while the celestial occupants took a well deserved Christmas break.
"Don't worry about it." Charlie said reassuringly as he helped tie the miserable looking tree to the top of the car.  "I'd do anything for those girls of yours.  I've got a little surprise for Mackie.  The toy store was having an end of season sale when I was in yesterday.  I picked up that giant plush giraffe she had her eye on and a couple of teddies for Alexa."
He tightened the bungie cord over the tubular frame of the carry rack.  Jen wiped a few tears from her face, grateful that the rain disguised her emotions.
"You're a good friend Charlie.  I know if Steve were here now he would tell you the same."
Charlie felt the small box in his coat pocket and hoped she would be as pleased about this gift as she was about the toys.

My humble apologies as there was just no way to work in aspidistra and carbuncle.  My Dad used aspidistra in a strange way...You bet your sweet aspidistra he did.


  1. I like your story a lot, but I REALLY would like to know what your dad did with aspidistra.
    My story is scheduled for Friday 8th.

  2. Like River, I love this tale. And suspect she WILL be happy with that small box.
    And, also like River, I would love to hear the tale of your dad and the aspidistra.
    I can't take the credit for these words though. Margaret Adamson and her friends sent them to me.

  3. Another great story...and your Dad, I'm sure, didn't have to bet anyone's aspidistra!!...:)JP

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  5. Oh, I do love this about-to-be-happy ending! (She says yes, of course :O))

  6. I agree with all the sentiments here...well done, Delores. :)


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