Monday, 11 December 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border (you can find her in my sidebar).  Diane knew that Mondays needed jazzing up.  Each week she provides us with a theme which we can use…or not…  I usually do.  Sometimes it’s not easy. This week’s theme is ‘our happiest family memory’.  So many directions one could go.  I finally settled on a day the three of us would agree was probably the happiest day of our lives together.

12 years in apartments
Was long enough
The process had been…
Loud noises and tight spaces
Left us with sour faces
But moving day
Was now before us.
We packed and planned,
The three of us.
We planned on space
To move around
And quiet nights
Where we could sleep sound
That was 1986.
No one thought to take some pics
Of before’s and after’s
Of cuts and nicks
(thankfully no broken bones)
So much to do
We plumb forgot
And wow
Was that day ever hot.
The day for sure had ups and downs
A few things that made us frown
But we were home
That’s all that mattered.
“It’s a tiny house”,
Others nattered.
We spread out,
Our belongings scattered.
Over 1050 square feet,
Twice what we were used to
Now THAT was neat.
 This house has sheltered us
From rain and snow,
 watched us celebrate
And our family grow.
It’s seen graduations
And weddings,
New generations,
Sad times,
 And good times.
We all agree,
We three,
That this day

Was THE most special day.

Even if you don't feel like attempting poetry, I would love to know what your most special family memory is.  Maybe like me, they are all special.


  1. Love your poem.
    One (of many) of my most special family memories is the fact that my eldest brother (who I hadn't seen in nearly twenty years) DID manage to get home to see my father before he died.
    And perhaps it is particularly special today, because that same brother's health is precarious. Day by day we hope...

    1. My hopes and prayers for your brother.

    2. Thinking of you Sue and hoping things turn around. Hugs.

  2. Abd the memories are so wonderful.

    I'm so used to this little abode in which I've lived for the past 15 years, I'd get lost in a larger place!! :)

    1. And now we are looking at downsizing in the near future...and looking forward to it. We rattle in this place.

  3. Well done with a tough challenge.
    I can't imagine a family in just 500 square feet, I'm alone in just 400 square feet and I'm finding things a bit tight.

  4. This is such a wonderful memory. Well done.

  5. It's actually kind of ironic, I had the exact opposite. I'm currently living in a condo apartment that's bigger than the house I grew up in. And no, I'm not kidding; my front sitting area, dining room, and kitchen put together are literally bigger than the home I lived in as a teenager in North Carolina. Combine that with the three bedrooms, laundry room, and balconies...yea. Need I say more? haha

  6. Terrific poem! We've lived in our little house since '71, and lots of memories fill the nicks and crannies of our place, too.

    1. WE're quite fond of this little house but it is time to move on...past time actually.


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