Monday, 4 December 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane (On The Alberta Montana Border).  You can find her in my sidebar.   Diane thought Monday needed a little 'somethin' somethin' and she was right. Each week she provides us with a theme which you can use or ignore as you see fit.  This week the prompt is 'shopping' which is a timely subject.  I, however, had problems with the theme this week.  I took off in several different directions and ended up nowhere at all.  Have you ever been nowhere?  Not a nice place.  This is what I finally came up with and it is not very satisfying but it's all I've got.
Here goes:
we shop for gifts
for young and old
and forget the story
told of old
of a gift to all
from God above
but now its all
push and shove
Xmas decor
in all the stores
flyers galore
driving us mad
with wanting more
have we traded
all of this
for that one
perfect gift


  1. Definitely singing from the same song-sheet here.
    Christmas is a happy time for some, a frantically busy time for others, and a desperately unhappy time for too many. Sadly, I think the message is often lost.

  2. I don’tthink the message is lost, it is just covered with too much tinsel. People’s hearts are usually in the right place.

  3. I've been ignoring the flyers for years now and it seems to work :)

  4. I'm in my own little bubble here. Venture out occasionally, but not for long. I find it easier to share the real message of Christmas quietly. At home. You're all welcome. The kettle's on!

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