Tuesday, 26 December 2017

It's Been Snowing

and now we're in a cold snap.

A roar like thunder in the night
that fills the tired mind with fright.
There's a screech, a wail, a scraping and rasping.
We spring from our beds heaving and gasping.
There's a shower of sparks
and a blinding blue light
lighting the way
like a fire in the night.
Man and boy doth leave their beds;
put toques upon their sleepy heads
and off they go to face the snow,
shovels in hand away they go.
The plow's been through tonight.
Out there in the dark of night
with naught but a weakened moon for light
neighbours and friends
all shout to each other
man and boy...they are  all brothers.
The plow's been through tonight.


  1. Sounds like you have the same weather we do in Maine. The wind is kicking up now, too. Stay warm and cozy!

  2. Echoing EC, do you have plenty of supplies set by? Just in case? Batteries, toilet paper....

  3. We didn't have much snow here, but an Arctic air mass has moved in and we are FREEZING! Every flat place is like a skating rink!

  4. We've had it cold and a little snow ...
    Stay warm!

    All the best Jan


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