Sunday, 3 December 2017

Different Worlds

Snow is falling
softly falling
over land and trees.
Fence posts growing
fluffy hats of fleece.
Nature rests it's tired head
as tiny creatures lay abed
while snowflakes whisper over head
among the pines.
In the city
snow is gritty.
The landscape really
not so pretty
Humans bustle busily,
snow plows growl,
wild winds howl,
throughout the cement caverns.


  1. Lovely. And both are very different worlds to what we are experiencing here.

  2. An interesting way to tell me how much you love Winter...:)JP

  3. I like the thought of fence posts in fleece hats :)

    Clean snow really is very pretty. And once it's all dirty . . . a "different world" indeed.

  4. I'm with Jenny. Love those little fleece hats! And I prefer the quiet country snow, truth be told!

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