Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

or at least, most of them.

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt.  This month Elephant's Child has brought us the prompts and a fine job she has done of it too.
the words this week are:
invincible, wander, goofy, supreme, purring, pretend
linen, kick, puny, immense, zoom and sound.

Here goes:

"I just hate it when she zooms in here, kicks everyones puny ("or immense as the case may be." Sandy inserted) butts and then wanders off purring with satisfaction."  
"She thinks she's invincible.  How she manages to get in here without making a sound is beyond me.  I can't pretend to know how she does it."
"Well" Grey said, "I do have a goofy notion as to how we can rig up an alarm system."
"Really?  That would be super supreme.  What is it?"
And every mouse in the linen closet cheered.

Many thanks EC for the great month of prompts.


  1. Big smiles. I suspect that belling the cat, like pilling the cat is not as easy as it sounds...

  2. Every cat should wear a bell, not just for the sake of the mice, but for the sake of those of us who sit quietly reading lost in a story, and suddenly a cat appears out of nowhere to startle us. Angel always had a bell, Lola refuses to even wear a collar.

  3. This is really good Delores, now I want to see which one bells the cat.

  4. Smiling here, too! I can just picture the mouse meeting :)

  5. HA! Love it. The MICE might like the warning bell on the cat, but I don't think the cat's owner... er, I mean staff... will. Our cats wore cute little pink sparkly collars with attached bells for less than 24 hours. Drove us nuts!

  6. Hahahahaha! I love it! Great job, Delores. :)

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