Monday, 27 November 2017

Poetry Monday

Diane of On The Alberta Montana  Border (see my side bar) brings us Poetry Monday each and every week.  Our ranks are growing slowly...why not join us?  
Diane provides us with a topic each week although you don't need to use it.  This week the topic is 'people'.  I'm afraid I went a little dark with this one.

Oh universe
I ask of thee,
what is to become of me?
I am infested,
sorely tested,
parasites all over me.
What can I do?
I've tried it all
every calamity to befall
of flood and drought,
wind and hail,
shake and shiver,
all methods fail.
Thousands die
and more arrive
like bees that swarm
around their hive.
Tell me, universe, what to do.
From beyond a soothing voice,
"Just wait my dear.  You have no choice.
These creatures will in time be gone.
They have the means, they are not strong
and soon this species will move on.
Everything they need to destroy themselves,
is in their hands."
Mother Earth just shook her head.
The end for them I surely dread.
If only they would just behave
I'd try to find some way to save.
Can we do nothing, universe?
The answer came back short and terse.
"Not for those who are perverse."


  1. A painful poetic truth I fear.
    And the earth may get her relief quite soon.

  2. A sad truth in your poem today.

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  4. I would have never thought so a year or so ago, but it has been a rough time lately in this old world and it is spreading far and wide. What will become of us with this force of hate and fear taking over our lives.

  5. So true, and gaining that perspective helps with one's stress, I find!

  6. Hi Delores,

    A timely, poignant piece of poetry to ponder. Thank you for this.


  7. Oh, Mother Earth, surely there is hope?!
    So well done, D!


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