Monday, 13 November 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border (you can find her in my sidebar).  Jenny of Procrastinating Donkey and myself thought it sounded like a great idea so we jumped on board.  We need more passengers on this poetic trip.  Why not join us?
Each week Diane provides a prompt to help stir our creative stew...this week, as we have just acknowledged Remembrance Day in Canada, the topic is 'remembering'.

Do you remember?
"It was before my time."
"It's always been this way in my lifetime."
For you, yes.
But once
things needed to be addressed.
A stop had to be put to evil
and good men and women
answered the call,
put their lives on the line,
left home and family,
everything they held dear
in order to guarantee
the life we now enjoy.
Take a moment now
to hold them in your memory.
Some, never came back.
Some, came back damaged in some way.
Some, sadly, answer the call today
just as their predecessors did
and some
will not come back.
We need to remember them, too,
and offer them
one and all
our heartfelt thanks
and a promise
to never forget.


  1. Yes.
    And we also need to remember the sacrifices that those who stayed at home made...

  2. Wars never seem to end and the poor and the brave continue to sacrifice it all for our safety and freedom. Bless them all.

  3. It has been a weekend of remembrance for us here in the UK, around the towns near us there are various war memorials to those who died in the 2nd world war but sadly there are also boys who died more recently in the Middle East conflict, their mothers' decorate the memorials in their sons' memories with their regiment colours in ribbons and silk flowers all year round, not just on rememberance sunday and I can never drive past one without feeling sad for their mothers. One that I think of a lot is Jamie Janes who died in Afghanistan in 2009 and when his family were contacted by the then appointed UK prime minister they got his name wrong, it has always bothered me.

  4. Someone else begins the conflict and the sons and daughters (and their families) pay.

  5. Yes ... yes. Well said, Delores. We must remember.

  6. ... a promise to never forget.

    Enjoyed your poem very much.

    All the best Jan


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