Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Nope and Nope

We have seen the condo and it is not for us.  Not this unit.  Oh it is very nice but it faces South and the hot hot sun was pouring in.  Stifling hot in there with no heat on in November.  Yes you could save on heating costs BUT I can't stand it to be too hot so we would have the blinds pulled all the time and be living in a dark cave.  Too depressing.  There were lots of good features.  Plenty of storage.  New appliances.  New flooring in the kitchen and one of the bathrooms.  Did I mention plenty of storage?  The down side was the oddly shaped living/dining room which was going to make furniture placement practically impossible unless we went and bought all new furniture sized for midgets.  We are not big people but would have to be sparsely furnished.  So anyway...not this one...but we are getting close.  There will be another call soon I am sure.
And Bob the guy who wanted to look at the coat we had for sale....he has what you might call an 'arm deficiency' ... the sleeves were too long so that was a no go as well.
Ah well...tomorrow is another day.


  1. A funny fact....odd actually....I took photos with the digital camera and there were no photos on the memory card. I tested the camera by taking a photo of the back yard and it worked fine. And yes, I DID remember to take the lens cap off. Guaranteed. A message from the universe?

  2. I am sorry to hear that no was the answer. And hope that tomorrow dawns brighter.

  3. I'm sorry. The right little bit of house is just down the road.

  4. That's a shame about the apartment, but the next one might be the right one. Does "Bob" know that sleeves can be shortened?

    1. I think when you need to buy a used coat you don't want the extra expense of having it altered.

  5. You knew you would know if it was "the one". And you did, and it wasn't. Carry on :) I'd have nixed the southern exposure, too. They'll sell it to somebody like my brother who is the complete opposite of you and I :)

  6. My second floor bedroom window faces south, and I'll never allow this to happen again. It's the only hot room in the house.

    I hope the next place you look at is the one.

  7. The right one will come along in due time. Until then have a wonderful day.

  8. According to me all the directions are good. Everything is due to our concern...

  9. Sorry to hear this place wasn't THE place for you, but it'll happen in due time.

  10. Sorry this was not the right place for you.
    I'm sure that the right one will happen soon for you ...

    All the best Jan


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