Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Can't Help Myself

Yes, I know it's a blog break but sometimes things come to me and I have to write them down so they'll leave me alone.

the watchers watched
while the waiters waited
the talkers talked
and the haters hated
the listener listened
and the thinkers thought
while the dreamers dreamed
and the soldiers fought
the wailers wailed
the moaners moaned
and some of us
preferred to get stoned
the government has made it easy
it's legal now (or will be soon)
to let your brain get soft and hazy
otherwise, you might go crazy
  the planner planned
it would work this way
they would make money
every day
on the backs of those
who can't face reality
who prefer 'doped up'
in totality
pretty soon we'll all be loopy
happily feeling sort of goofy
with no connection to the truth......

Phew...glad I got that out.  Now I'll have some peace.


  1. These times are very loopy, so maybe it can be understood that people retreat into being goofy.

  2. I'm glad you broke radio silence for this one - so true and very catchy too.

  3. Well.....very nice! Glad you wrote it down. Hope you are enjoying your break.

  4. Nice poem, I didn't realise you are on a break. Have a lovely restful time :)

  5. Nice job. Reminds me a little of something I read recently. It was something along the lines of how people used to take drugs to see the world in weird ways, but now the world is so weird, people take drugs to make it seem normal.

  6. Glad you took time to write these words ...

    All the best Jan


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