Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  This month Cindi of Letting The Words Escape (you can find her in my sidebar) is providing the words.  She has been inspired by horror fiction.  This week the words come from actor Vincent Prices' horror movie titles.
The prompt words are as follows:
pendulum, haunted, seven, wax, raven, scream, tales, fly, tingler, invisible, usher and diary

let's give it a shot

Andrew sat at the top of the stairs, his eyes fixed on the pendulum of the old clock in the lobby below.  In his hands rested the leather bound diary of his great great grandfather, also an Andrew as were all the first born males, and already the fourth generation of Blackstone to live in Blackstone manor.
For some reason Andrew always found himself in this exact position at seven pm.  It never failed.  He loved the tales in the collection of diaries his great great grandfather had kept over his lifetime.  It was all there; stories of the raven haired beauty the older Andrew had married (the old man waxed poetic over her beauty), even the purchase price of the clock at the bottom of the stairs.  That clock had marked the passage of time for every Andrew since that day it was first installed.  It's ticking had helped usher in the arrival of four more Andrews including himself.
Andrew sighed.  Time seemed to stand still for him now.  It seemed always to be seven pm and he seemed always to be sitting on the top step looking at the clock.  He remembered when time seemed to fly past at break neck speed.
He stood, and turning, found himself face to face with a young woman who let out a spine tingler of a scream and simply ran straight through him and down the stairs as if he was invisible.
Stunned, he sat back down on the step and focused once more on the pendulum.  Seven pm.  How peculiar, he thought.
"Andrew, Andrew!  I swear this old shack is haunted.  I saw him again, in the same place."
"Never mind sweetheart.  Look.  Look what I found in the attic.  A whole trunk full of old diaries written by my great, great, great, great (I think maybe one more great?) grandfather.  I can't wait to read them."


  1. As I said at Cindi's site, I loved your use of the prompts. And am wondering how many other Andrews are unable to leave Blackstone Manor.

  2. Well done Delores. Perhaps Andrew should change his name.

  3. Great as a start or a short! Good job!

  4. This is excellent, I love it. Poor invisible Andrew, not knowing he is now a ghost, and a whole trunk full of diaries written by generations of Andrews.

  5. Wonderful use of the words, usual. Well done. :)

  6. Perfect story for Halloween! I think maybe that family should forget about birthing any more "Andrews."

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