Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  A group of us take turns providing the prompt words/pictures/music/phrases..month by month.  This month Cindi of Letting the Words Escape is taking her turn.  Last week the words were from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".  This week the words come from 
Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".  Great word choices for October.

"Feeling better now, Screech?" Grace asked.
In the deep ravine in the middle of the melancholy dark wood Screech stretched and twisted himself comfortably.
"Oh yes, thank you Grace.  Those were most violent sensations I was experiencing but, all is well now.  That potion you cooked up in your laboratory worked a charm."
"I'm so sorry you had to experience that misery my friend."  Grace was feeling guilty.
Screech laughed.  "Not to worry, all's well that ends well."
Grace laughed too.  "Glad you got it out of your system." she giggled.  "Still, while it is amusing now, it wasn't so funny when you were going through it. "  
Screech agreed.  "It was bloody murder there for a while."  His head bobbed seriously.  "I hope there are no more of those little devils running around.  At least no one else will have to suffer grief at that demons hands.  I could kiss you for that potion, Grace."
Grace grinned.  "Don't even think about it Screech."  Now...I have to get back.  Something tells me there's trouble in the wind, I feel an electricity in the air...Estelle needs me."
She turned and headed back toward her little cottage leaving Screech preening his feathers and asking the ago old question "Who?".


  1. Excellent Delores, I'm glad Grace's potion worked and Screech is back to normal. I haven't been to Cindi's site yet to et the words.

  2. I love the continuing adventures you are giving us - and am a complete sucker for owls. I am very glad that Screech is ok.

  3. Send me down a bottle of that potion, Delories...I need something to give me a boost! :)

    Another great addition to your tale. :)

  4. You set the scene so well! Good job.

  5. Such a great addition to the previous stories! Full of imagery.

  6. I love this continuing story. May there be many more episodes in you :)

  7. Nice Job Delores, what is in store for Screech next...

  8. May there be many more episodes in you :)

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