Friday, 27 October 2017

Still Good After All This Time

Have you ever watched a rerun of a TV show from the seventies that you just loved and wondered to yourself "Why did we ever think that was good?"  Happens a lot doesn't it.
Well,  I just watched the Bob Newhart show for the first time in absolutely years and guess what; other than being floored by the trousers men used to wear I found myself laughing my head off just like I did 'way back when'.  Some things just get better with age.


  1. The Bob Newhart show was a good one, wasn't it? I still like the Carole Burnett shows also. My son sent me Mork and Mindy and gosh, is that stupid! Yes some get better with age and sadly some do not.

  2. So true! I've often tuned into old shows that I thought were great, and they just don't hold up, while others are still great. Wait, I think you just said that...OK, I agree 100%
    Disappointing for some reason, "All in the Family", "Mash", "DIck Van Dyke" don't get me wrong, still funny, but not as much as I remembered. Always great, "I Love Lucy" "Leave it to Beaver" "Mary Tyler Moore"

    1. I love the Beaver.....what a great little kid.

  3. It really does depend on the show!
    Some things from a little way back I'm still laughing at whereas others I seem to think !!!

    But laughter is great, we all feel so much better for having a good laugh.

    All the best Jan

  4. Oh yes. I don't think I have ever seen the Bob Newhart show (don't even know whether we got it). Back in the day I loved The Goodies. Now? I can't watch.

  5. Every so often I watched the Bob Newhart Show all those years ago, too...he was a funny man.

    I still get a giggle out of "Frazier" and "Cheers"...every now and then I'll watch a rerun or two. They're not as old as the above show, I know, but both still remain funny, in my opinion.

  6. Some of the old shows are every bit as enjoyable as they were when we loved them years ago, and others...not so much. (They must have CHANGED them somehow...)

    But bottom line, yeah, some things DO get better with age. Like us! :)

  7. I've seen a few reruns of really old stuff that I enjoyed first time round, but now I mostly think what the heck did I ever find funny in this? This has me wondering if I'll still enjoy my favourite shows of today, in 20 years time.

  8. I can watch episode after episode of LAW AND ORDER from the beginning show with my beloved Lenny and then SVU (not so much but the only one still running) , and then Criminal Intent. For comedy, Bob Newhart can never get old plus he appears on episodes of The Big Bang Theory from time to time. I was happy to find Columbo with Peter Falk showing again but got tired of it real fast. Who knew that every episode was basically the same. LOL

  9. I have indeed watched programs that I used to watch and wondered how in the world could I have ever liked it, but others stand the test of time nicely.

  10. I loved Bob Newhart's show. His deadpan comedy is so funny, I think his TV wives had such a great time working with him.

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