Monday, 16 October 2017

Poetry Monday

In a small cardboard box
at the back of a drawer
small pieces of once shiny paper,
ripped and creased,
little pieces of tin
with faded images
lie, forgotten.
No names,
no dates,
no clues.
Figures posed unnaturally,
faces grim,
having been warned not to move.
Their eyes bore into ours
daring us
to solve the mystery
of their history.


  1. I can just picture this. And remember uncomfortable/unnatural poses only too well.

  2. That box sets on a dresser in my home. I open it often and wonder. Great poem Delores.

  3. Great imagery and wonderful coda. Bravo!

  4. I enjoy old pictures so much. I often wonder about the moment at which the picture was taken - what were they thinking? And what did they do after the picture was taken? What were the rest of their lives like? I'd like to step into the picture and see things the way they were then.

    Great poem on a different take on history.

  5. I love old pictures like this, the history of the subjects lost in time you have captured perfectly.

  6. The mystery of their history. This will stick with me forever!

  7. I'd like to step into the picture and see things the way they were then.

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  8. Oh I love looking at old photo's ... special memories indeed!

    All the best Jan


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