Friday, 6 October 2017

In The Moonlight

In the moonlight,
the cold, pale moonlight,
not the dawn light,
the sad and lonely moonlight,
I think of you,
draw you close,
touch your faces,
hear your voices,
laugh at the old jokes,
smile at the sweet old stories,
in the moonlight,
the cold, pale moonlight.
In the moonlight
I visit the old, familiar places
gone so long
but not to me.
I visit them.
I visit you.
In the moonlight.
With the dawn
you fade away
but, you'll be back,
I'll be back,
in the moonlight.


  1. Very nice and a little ghostly. Is she a spirit watching over friends and family?

  2. Yanking on my heart strings here...

  3. If only I could have written this - I would have written exactly this.

  4. Strikes every chord in my heart! In the moonlight, I believe all the places of my childhood--and the people in them--still exist. If I just go 'there' they'll be there!

  5. Pulling my heart strings, too . . .

  6. I wrote a comment earlier...but I obviously failed to hit "Publish".

    A lovely poem...wonderful thoughts shared...

  7. I loved reading this poem ...

    All the best Jan


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