Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Words For Wednesday

Well folks, its finally happened.  I have the words for Wednesday at my fingertips but somehow the message is just not getting to my brain.  I got nothin'.  I have an immense void where my brain used to be.  Not plausible you say?  Oh yes, plausible, possible and definite.  Rather than garble away and not make any sense I simply bow to the Granny.  I am done.  Or undone.  My elan has fled.  It is dead.

here's a ps.....
I DID come up with something after all

"A toothsome treat."  the demon hissed.
Grace smiled secure in the knowledge the diminution would start immediately both in size and capabilities.
The creatures loathsome vernacular movements were sickening to watch.
"You created pandemonium in my garden."  Grace said, "I couldn't tolerate that.  There had to be repercussions."
"So you arbitrarily took action?"  the demon temporised, his brain scrambling in all directions for a solution. Unfortunately his speech was garbled sounding more like squeaking thanks to the power of the potion he had ingested.
"It seemed plausible."  Grace smiled.  The demon raised an immense wail, surprising since he was now the size of a mouse.
With one perfunctory motion Grace dropped it into a small cage.  Handing it to Estelle she said, "Take him to where the path bifurcates at the entrance to the Dark Wood and release him.  If he chooses well he will live, if not, he'll make an excellent lunch for our friend Screech."

Phew....I did it.


  1. That's how I usually feel. This week, for some reason the words weren't as scary so I thought I would try. I don't know if I'll ever do it again, I suppose it depends on my brain that morning. :-O

  2. Loud applause, Delores! Very well done indeed!

  3. Nicely done Delores, hopefully he will choose wisely ;)

  4. I honestly want more. What the hell is the story behind Grace that she's dealing with mouse sized demons and so awesomely? haha

    1. Grace's story started on Aug 9 under the Words for Wednesday heading in my sidebar. It's been a long road lol.

  5. Loved this. And am not in the slightest bit surprised that your brain made a liar out of you.

  6. I found myself temporarily undone also, but as I slept the words coalesced and early this morning I wrote and scheduled my piece for Friday.

  7. Ooops! Forgot to say how well you did with such a daunting list of words.

  8. I want the ability to shrink down my enemies. And some of my friends, too, for that matter.

    Everyone's demons should be bite-sized.

  9. Well done, Delores....again. :)

  10. I wouldn't mind having some of that potion...

    Nice job! (I KNEW you could do it!)

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