Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  This week and for the rest of the month the words will be found at Fools Rush In (you can find Granny Annie in my side bar under that title).  Granny's got a mean streak as is evidenced by her choice of words this week.  
flat-hat, inalienable, construe, dithyramb, sericeous, fidelity
poltroon, ludic, turpitude, bosky, assay and repudiate goes

"I'm here to see Miss Estelle Star." Grace announced to the receptionist.
"Room 34, 3rd floor, B wing." the receptionist mumbled around her gum.
Grace surveyed the young woman critically.
"Do you not need to advise your client of a guest coming up to see her?"
"Oh, she knows."
"And how is that?"
"She just does."
Grace nodded and began the long trudge to B-3-34.  The receptionist had been weighed in the assayers scales and been found lacking.
As she raised her hand to knock on the door of number 34 a gusty voice Grace recognized said, "Come in Grace."
Grace swallowed hard and entered.
A young woman sat with her back to the room gazing out a barred window. Grace moved to her right side and looked down.  A beam of sunlight illuminated the right side of the young womans face revealing a translucent beauty that made Grace gasp in appreciation.
"Am I to construe from your positioning that you have no intention of turning around to face me?" Grace asked.
"I believe it is my inalienable right to obstruct your view of my disfigurement." came the gusty reply.
"I can't repudiate that," Grace said, "but you know, I'm not an utter poltroon.  I can handle it."
Grace gazed out the window at the view that so transfixed the young woman.  The amethyst spider swung gently in its web in the summer breeze.  Able to take a closer look now at the beautiful creature Grace noted its amazing size and sericeous body and legs.
"She's my only friend in the entire world." the gusty voice trembled a little.  "Her fidelity to me is unquestionable."
"I would like you to feel comfortable enough that you could face me." Grace said gently,
"But, I understand your reticence.  How did your injuries  happen if you don't mind my asking?"
"It was the turpitude of one man, my father, that brought this misery to me.  He loved to fly but he was reckless.  Against my mothers wishes he took us both up; me an infant in my mothers arms; and proceeded to do aerial maneouvers.  I can only imagine my mothers fear.  Eventually he did a flat-hat over a bosky area not far from the old Devereaux house, lost control, and crashed.  Neither of them survived.  I was left badly burned and permanently disfigured."
Estelle stood slowly using a cane to stabilize herself and slowly turned to face Grace.  Grace met her eyes without a quiver.  She merely smiled and said, "Thank you dear.  That took a great deal of courage."
"Now, Estelle.  I'm sure you are aware of the situation regarding the Deveroux property.  We are joint owners of an acreage valued at slightly over ten million dollars.  What do you want to do with it?"
"Sell it and donate my share to a childrens burn unit here in town." came the prompt reply.  "I've already penned a most dithyrambic letter to the board advising them of my intentions."
"Wonderful."  Grace responded.  "You may also let them know that my share will also be donated.  I have no need for the money."
"Yes," the gusty voice proclaimed, "I know.  I already mentioned it in my letter."  Half of her face smiled at Grace.
There was no surprise in Grace's expression.  After all, they shared the same blood line.  Grace's grandmother was Estelle's great aunt.  It was to be expected, after all.
"You know dear, we have a lot in common.  I live in a tiny house in the woods not far from the Deveroux house.  I stay there in semi seclusion because I'm 'different' and people are nervous of me.  You live in this facility locked away for the same reasons.  Would you care to come and live with me?"
The amethyst spiders ludicrous behaviour caught the young womans eye and she watched it gamble and cavort as only a giant hairy spider can.  "Can my friend come too?" she asked.  But then, she knew the answer.


  1. I barely know you, but I admire you. I can't keep the words meanings straight in my head, let alone am able to write anything that would make sense. No offense, but Dick and Jane simple, it isn't. Good job!

    1. It was no walk in the park that's for sure. Granny's got a mean streak.

  2. Nice Delores, you did really well in carrying your story along, and the use of the words is impressive.

  3. Goodness! I thought last weeks words challenging but these WOW!
    Once again Delores I have to hand it to you ... clapping loudly ... well done, and you deserve that nap! LOL!

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much. I really had to wear my tin foil thinking cap for this one.

  4. Granny's mean streak is a canyon.
    Loved your use of the words. Still cogitating here. I may be gone some time.

    1. I wonder if the whole month is going to be like this...Phew.....

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  6. Wonderful, Delores! You sure showed that evil Annie! lol

    I live in fear of what she has in store for us next week! Perhaps we all should be very polite to her over the next few days! She is a Devil Woman!!! :)

    1. We've conquered this.....we can handle anything she throws at us.

    2. Yes! That is true, Delores! Together we stand! We shall not be beaten! Bring it on, Annie! We're ready! We will not back down; we shall not be beaten!!! :)

  7. Oh my! I am impressed. I am beyond impressed, truly awed, by this.

  8. Bravo my friend Delores:-) After all it is my understanding you created the WFW:-) You did a great job with the words and, yes, they will continue throughout September. I have been saving them for a long time in preparation of this challenge. I thought everyone subscribed to Merriam-Webster's Word Of The Day. Anyone notice I haven't come up with my own story yet??

    1. Yes...yes I did notice. I take it the words were as much a challenge for you as they were for us.

  9. Such a delightful read and well written too. Nice of you to share, warm greetings!


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