Monday, 4 September 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  Monday needed a little somethin' somethin'.  Poetry is what it needed.  There aren't too many of us yet.  Diane of course and Procrastinating Donkey and there's me.  Sometimes Procrastinating Donkey gets a poem or two in her comments.  We like poems.  Why not join in?  Diane gives us a theme every week to help us along.  It's not necessary to use it but sometimes it helps to get you going.  Last weeks theme nearly gave us all a hernia it was so difficult.  This week....well this week was really hard for me...the theme is 'parents' and I miss mine so very badly.  Between blubbering and blowing my nose and wiping my eyes it's a wonder I got anything on paper. it is.

You were here
and then
you were gone.
All that's left,
a void,
cold and dark.
Was it all a dream?
Did I imagine 
those golden days
when we were all together?
It seems so long ago.
Those days when I
was the centre of your life
and you 
were the centre of mine...
when everything was perfect...
was it real?
We had each other
and there were grandparents
and uncles and aunts
all gone now
all gone
I miss you all so desperately
but most of all
I miss
my parents.


  1. Such a lonely poem today Delores.

  2. Beautiful and your pain is so very evident.

  3. Well done on conveying the pain and longing, Delores. Bravo.

  4. Tough week for weeks theme is 'nature' there's a happier topic.

  5. Very well done Delores, you grabbed the longing for parents feeling perfectly.

  6. Beautiful.
    I was just speaking to Husby about this very thing. I keep thinking that if I go back to those place where I grew up, everyone will be there. Exactly as I remember them. Kind of like a Twilight Zone episode.

  7. I thought these were beautiful words and reflect the feeling of so many ...

    All the best Jan

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