Saturday, 2 September 2017

Miguel? Is That You?

I haven't been sleeping well.  Actually, neither of us has been sleeping well.  We went to Sleep Country and paid an atrocious amount of money for two Polar/Tropic Pillows.  OMG...these things are amazing.  Where I would normally take hours to get to sleep it now takes minutes.  Where if something woke me I would be awake for the rest of the night, now I just drop back to sleep again (if I wake up at all in the first place). Before if the phone rang in the night I was on my feet and the first words out of my mouth would be, "what's wrong?".  You need to know all this to fully understand the enormity of what happened last night.
The phone rang.
I managed to pry one eye open.  The blaring red numbers on the clock read 3 something or other.  It was pretty fuzzy.  I don't sleep with my glasses on.  It took five rings before I managed to separate the receiver from the base.  My lips were dry and fastened together with what felt like crazy glue.  My tongue fastened to the roof of my mouth.  Only one eye would open just a tad.
"izzzzit?" I inquired.
"Miguel?   It's me, Arman.  You know, from the group?  You said I could call any time right?"
"Nomeeeee." I said, and hung up.
Three, maybe five heartbeats and the phone rang again.  I wasn't in any better shape.
"Ohhhhhhhh." I moaned.
"Miguel?  Are you all right?  You sound like you're having a stroke."
"Oh my God.  I'm hanging up and dialing 911 right now.  I'm coming over.  Don't worry Miguel. Help is coming."
The phone hung up in my ear.  
The last volley of rings from the phone must have penetrated the 'no hearing aids in' 'dead to the world' sleep of the hubs.
"Phnaaa?" he inquired.
We both turned over and went back to sleep on our wonderful new pillows.
Now, in the light of a new day, lips and teeth unstuck, eyes open, I'm beginning to wonder if it was real or if it was all a dream.  Perhaps a brain bubble surfaced overnight and I just thought I was answering the phone.  If it was real someone named Miguel got some unexpected company last last night (or early this morning).  Sorry Miguel.  I tried for you, I really did.


  1. I'm laughing away here :)

    Although ... it sounds like Arman might have been in a twelve-step program and trying to reach Miguel for a good reason. However, now he will see him in person :)

  2. Replies
    1. They are fantastic. One side remains cool to the touch and the other side is warm.

  3. May have been a prank, but I think Miguel had a visitor that night.

  4. I definitely need one of those. A cardboard fridge magnet falling down two rooms away woke me a few nights ago.
    And yes, a call at that time definitely signals something wrong.

    1. They are worth every penny. Apparently cooling the head helps to induce sleep.

  5. I've had to try and reconstruct some of my nights a few times. Generally, at about 4 pm, I start to remember things and wonder whether somehting happened. I have to check my phone or my browser history or look at where certain things are now positioned in my house.

    Sometimes, I never know whether it really happened or not.

    I hope Miguel's alright.

  6. Phone calls aside, I'm really glad you got some good sleep. There's nothing in the world like a good night's sleep.
    I wonder what Miguel thought when Paramedics came ready to revive him?

  7. I never like late night or very early morning calls ... experience tells me they are usually bad/sad news.

    Your new pillows sound amazing ...

    All the best Jan

  8. Hahahahahah! You made me sneeze-laugh!


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