Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Story Of My Life

Slightly Abbreviated
of course

Once I was small but now I'm not.
I guess that doesn't say a lot.
Once I rode bikes and ran with ease.
Could someone pass my walking stick please?
Once I had jobs and earned my way.
Now  a seniors pension is my pay.
Once I had fun.
Well, I still do.
It's not quite the same,
but it will do.
My eyesight was good, now it's not.
My memory also, is not so hot.
I remember what happened 10 years ago.
Dredging up yesterday is a little slow.
I rock and knit and read and write.
Yesterday's activities have long  since taken flight.
But that's okay, I'm here to say,
"At least I AM still here today.".


  1. I could say all that, but not as well as you did, Delores. Excellent!

  2. No knitting here, but a lot of your life is mine too. And so well expressed... Thank you.

  3. I'm loving this old thing, except for the narrow window part.

  4. This is a wonderful poem, I like the "once I was small and now I'm not". Did you write this?

    1. yes I did. If I post anyone else's work I always show the author right up front.

  5. I like this a lot and wish I still had my old rocking chair to daydream away a few hours.

  6. It's not so bad getting older. It beats the alternative. I remember reading somewhere, 'it takes a strong person to get old' and boy is that ever the truth.

  7. I think you've said it all for a lot of people. As I tell people with small children who can't wait for them to grow up; "it doesn't get better, it just gets different." The same for us as we age. It sure does get "diffeent."

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  9. A fine poem with which I increasingly identify. Thanks, Delores.

  10. Love your words here Delores.

    All the best Jan


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