Friday, 18 August 2017

Confession Time

Hello, my name is *********** and I'm a thrift storeaholic.  Well, there SHOULD be a support group for those of us so afflicted.   Show me a thrift store and I'll show you my heels as I run for the door.  I should have bumper stickers that read, 'I brake for thrift stores' (and second hand shops and consignment shops and garage sales) okay, I'll admit it, I'm in bad shape.
Now, in my defence I will say that I have come out of many a thrift store, shs, cs and gs with nothing in my hands.  I really have.  And further to my defence I only shop with cash I have saved out of my weekly spending allowance ($20.00 a week).  It's not much of a defence but it's all I've got.
All that being said, I went to a thrift shop yesterday and came away with ten childrens books for $4.00 for the grandies to read at our house (I never give used for a gift...never), two size 4.5 knitting needles for .75 cents and a fall weight leather jacket in immaculate condition (I swear it looks like it has never been worn) for $25.00.  Yes, I will most definitely wear an item from a thrift shop.
Now I want to tell you about my favourite thrift shop in this city.  It is called Bibles For Missions and is located on a main road with lots and lots of available parking.  A few years back it was just your average thrift shop (and smelled like it too).  Today, it is open, airy, has new vinyl plank floors and is well curated and displayed.  I had to fight my way through hordes of university students shopping for kitchen items to get them through the term. 
 They have regular blind auctions with wonderful vintage to antique items up for grabs.  The staff is pleasant and helpful and, most important, (to Me anyway)  it doesn't smell like a thrift shop.
So there you have my confession.  Anything you'd like to share with us?


  1. Guilty as charged :) My favourite kind of store.

  2. An immaculate leather jacket? Colour me envious. I used to love thrift shops, but these days the ones I can afford to visit have only junk that didn't sell anywhere else, and the slightly more up-market ones are too expensive and have nice clothes that only a catwalk model could fit into. I do like the junk style antique shops with dozens of cabinets with knick-knacks, dinnerware, cutlery, furniture items and so on, but I never (well, rarely) buy anything.

  3. Not me...these days I'm trying to off-load...lighten my load, not add to all the stuff I have, most of which is just gathering dust and/or not being put to any good use by me. My needs are simple...very simple these days.

  4. My daughter became a thritaholic in college and continues to be. She hates waste and is a strong advocate of recycling. She is also like her mother and cheap, I mean practical,

  5. You have a good system worked out. Wish there were Thrift stores near me.

  6. No thrift stores nearby so I consider Wal-Mart to be mine. Other than local specialty shops who make things I don't need like jewelry, leather handbags, etc., Wal-Mart is the only place to shop within 50 or so miles. It's a great place to just grab a cart and walk around for an hour out of the heat or rain of the day. Happy bargain hunting!

  7. Oh, heck yeah! Thrift stores, consignment shops and flea markets are smart places to shop. Besides, it really fun to find a hidden treasure...

  8. I love the thrift shops, second hand stores, garage sales everything you mentioned I think I "come by it honest" as they say because my Granny and my Momma are exactly the same way.

  9. It's second hand book shops for me and Eddie ...

    All the best Jan


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