Thursday, 13 July 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

This weeks writing prompt is:
hornet, hairnet, hover, proximity, clothesline, scent
chilling, drench, dance, damaged, horrifying and chemical
deployed destruction

"It's a lovely day.  I'm going to hang my clothes out on the line.  The scent from the lilacs will still be on the clothes and sheets when I bring them in."
"I wouldn't advise it Maggie.  I saw a hornet nest on the fence by the lilac bushes and I haven't had time yet to drench it in chemicals."
"That's horrifying Ed.  Those poor creatures.  That's their home."
"Maybe so, but the proximity of the hive to your clothesline makes it a very real threat for deployed destruction."
"What nonsense.  I'm going out there."
Ed sighed.  He could see disaster looming as Maggie trudged on out with her basket of wet clothing under her arm.  It wasn't long before Ed saw her waving her arms and doing a strange little dance as she found herself surrounded by hovering, angry insects.  He could hear their chilling hum from where he stood in safety on the porch.
"Don't just stand here."  Maggie screeched.  "Come and murder these horrible little savages.  Use your poisons, damage the nest, I don't care anymore.  And why didn't you warn me to wear a hairnet around a hornet nest?"
Ed waved back at Maggie and turned back into the house.  Danged if he was going to expose himself to those stinging brutes.  Maggie got herself into this mess with her stubbornness...she could get herself out of it.


  1. Poor Maggie, should have listened to Ed. On the other hand....Ed should have taken care of it already. When they first start building a nest, if you knock it down before they start moving in and enlarging they will go elsewhere to build. I've done it with our native wasps. As soon as I see a tiny clay mound with an entrance hole, I knock it off the wall and step on it. That's only if it is near the house though.

  2. Ed should indeed have dealt with it. How long had he known it was there? And when did he plan on dealing with the problem...

  3. After a minor computer hitch,(flat battery, blank screen halfway through typing)I have my story scheduled for Friday.

  4. Maggie was a stubborn gal but Ed was a stubborn guy. Guess they deserved each other. LOL Good story Delores and good prompts for this week:-)

  5. Oh man I'm glad that I am not Ed, I would never get by with that.

    Great read Delores.

  6. Replies
    1. And I've chosen a theme for Poetry Monday as per your brilliant suggestion!
      July 17: NONSENSE.
      And Next Monday, July 24: VACATION.
      Don't worry. I'll get better! :)

  7. HA! The existence of that hornet's nest wasn't a problem for Maggie until it became personal. She sure changed her tune fast, though. Great job with this week's words. (Ed better be on the look-out for a payback...)

  8. Ed is definitely asking for it....


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