Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  The prompt can be a list of words, a phrase, a picture or even a piece of music.  This week the prompt is photographic and can be found on Elephant’s Child's blog.  (You can find her in my sidebar.)


There is a tree growing
in the gutter
where once rain
danced and gurgled
on its way to the downspout.
My roof has a sway
like the back
of a saddle sore old nag
and the raccoons have
ripped pieces of it away.
They are now nesting
with the mice and the squirrels
in my attic.
I remember
like it was yesterday
(perhaps it was yesterday, in house years)
the sound of children's laughter,
the playful antics
of a kitten in the yard,
a lush and blooming garden
where now weeds are the only crop
in a dank and sour soil.
Only yesterday,
I’m sure of it…
I looked through
lace covered window panes
into a well manicured lawn.

Only yesterday.
Now I dream in  the sunlight,
shiver in the winter cold
and live in my dreams
when once I was called
the sweetest name
in the human language…


  1. As a house gets older, it needs more care and $$$ to keep it up, just like the humans that inhabit it.

  2. I like it, Delores. We had similar thoughts on this one (mine is at EC's blog). I love the last verse especially.

  3. I'm flattered that my pictures engendered such wonderful thoughts. Thanks.

    1. Thank unlocked a lot of good memories.

  4. Well done Delores, I like this one and the memories it conjures up for me.

  5. I did also comment over at 'EC' blog ...

    I thought this was beautiful.
    I enjoyed it very much, thank you

    All the best Jan


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