Monday, 19 June 2017

Poetry Monday

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the hungry earth
drinks up the rain
and sets the trees
to bloom again
then gathers up
the fallen leaves
as farmers
gather golden sheaves
all things come
from Mother Earth
she gives to all
as they give birth
but death, in life
comes in its turn
and to the earth
all must return.


  1. Yes.
    And in the fullness of time I hope to feed a tree.

  2. This is beautiful, I love it. I'd like to eventually feed a tree too, but my body is going to a teaching hospital, so that may not be possible.

  3. A poignant piece on life and death, existence and reality, all cause and effect administered by mother nature. Thanks for sharing and greetings!

  4. Thanks folks....I was a little concerned that this piece may have been misconstrued as depressing.

  5. This reminded me of Mufasa's speech to his son, Simba about how there is a circle of life. Love it!

  6. Wow...this one is excellent, very descriptive of life and death but done in a very respectful style.

    Well done.

  7. Well said, Delores - you've wrapped it up neatly and succinctly!

  8. Well done, again, Delores. :)

  9. I think this is beautiful.
    Loved your words.

    All the best Jan


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