Sunday, 25 June 2017

How Many Tomorrows

Strange, the things that touch you, work in your brain, fester and bubble, simmer and boil and grow into something larger....into something you can't forget...something you shouldn't forget.
"Postcards" (you can find her in my sidebar) headed a post today with 'Tomorrow and Tomorrow'.  "The Low Carb Diabetic" (you can find them in my side bar as well) posted the official artists video for Grenfell. While the music was lovely and touchingly rendered, the vision of the weeping fireman is with me still.  What, I wonder, will his tomorrow be like?  How long will he see those horrific visions in his minds eye?  Tomorrow and Tomorrow?  How many tomorrows?  


  1. First responders see too many things that will stay with them until the afternoon of the first day of forever. It is one of the reasons they deserve our respect.
    I cannot imagine how they do it.

  2. I agree. Their job is essential and too often undersung.

  3. Echoing EC--I can't imagine how they do it. I know I could not. And I am thankful there are those who are called to do it.

  4. Once something is seen, it cannot be unseen ... and somehow people have to do their best to live and cope, how they do it I often wonder. Their job is essential, we owe them our thanks and deep respect.

    The music and video was most touching.

    All the best Jan

  5. Some run away in the face of danger, others run forward to help. Humanity is still with us, despite the dire news telling us otherwise. Thankfully, there will always be helpers.


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