Sunday, 18 June 2017

Daddy's Home

As a youngster many wonderful things came down our long, maple lined lane.  The bread man with his basket of breads and cakes and sugared donuts, the milkman with his gleaming bottles of milk and cream, the ice man in his leather apron and carrying a huge block of ice over his back.  The Watson man would come with his little van of goodies.  Sometimes Mom would buy, most times not.  But the best thing that EVER came down our drive was a dusty blue pickup driven by a weary man at days end.  The cry would go up, 'Daddy's home' and there would be a mad scramble to greet him as he stepped out of the cab.  He was glad to be home, we were glad he was home, supper was ready and all was right with the world.....Daddy's home.
Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddies out there and to all those who 'father' regardless of gender.


  1. Replies
    1. My idea of heaven is to raise that cry again someday..."Daddy's home".

  2. Echoing EC, although I don't remember quite that level of excitement.

  3. That is a lovely post...Short and sweet.

  4. My late brother and I never had that pleasure. Our father never played a role in our lives.

  5. Wonderful memory, I loved this one.

  6. We were always happy when my dad came home from work also. He always had a newspaper that we all fought over but mostly, seeing dad for the first time of the day (he left at 6 am, before we awoke) was an exciting part of our day.

  7. My goodness, this is wonderful ... and a belated Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

  8. I enjoyed your post and your memories, thank you.

    All the best Jan


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