Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A Fun Filled Week Ahead

Wednesday evening we pick the wee man up at his house and bring him home with us until Sunday afternoon.  The 'mamma' is having her gall bladder out.  We thought maybe she could use a break for a few days.  Miss Gracie will still be at home but her daddy can look after her and get her off to school.  WE are going to have fun.  The wee man has expressed a desire to cook.   He can count on it.  We'll bake muffins and cookies and make soup...all kinds of good stuff.  Grandma and Grandpa are looking forward to it.  My appearance here may be sporadic at best until the next Poetry Monday.


  1. How wonderful. For Grandma, Grandpa and the wee man.

    1. Sorry, my fingers were too fast for me and I hit publish before I meant to. I hope his mama's recovery is smooth and quick.

  2. A cook helper - excellent! I hope all goes well for your daughter's surgery and recovery. Enjoy your company!

  3. Mmm, muffins and cookies and soup. How old is the wee man now? He'll be cooking on his own for you soon.

  4. Hope the surgery goes well for your daughter. My youngest grandchild is visiting me now and she is doing all the cooking. She is 15 and manages it well:-) Aren't grandchildren THE BEST?!

  5. Warm greetings to you and yours and best wishes.

  6. Sending my good wishes, I hope the surgery goes well for your daughter, and she recovers speedily.
    I know you will just have a fantastic time with the 'wee man'.

    Thinking of you all

    All the best Jan

  7. A fun time ahead. Good for you! You're very fortunate to have the little ones in your life. Enjoy, Delores! :)

  8. Enjoy your time with the wee man, I hope your time with him is a blast, cooking in the kitchen with Grandma and Grandpa will make tons of memories for you all, I am happy for you.

  9. Best of recovery to your mamma...Coffee is on


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