Monday, 22 May 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border. (you can find her in my sidebar)   Why not join in...write, read, critique, share your ideas and opinions.   Always room for one more.  It's free, it's fun....what could be better?

Here we go:

No Fool's Gold

The dandelion is a pest,
putting gardeners to the test.
All summer long there is no rest,
as we strive to evict our uninvited guest.
Yet, there is one who thinks it’s best
when grandchildren, at her behest,
bring handfuls of the cheerful gold
and in her hands lay them to rest.
Then Midas, with all his gold,
a sultan with his jewels old,
are not so rich as she.

See...what did I tell you?  Fun!  It doesn't even have to rhyme or keep rhythm  .... just express yourself.


  1. Lovely.
    And don't forget blowing the dandelion clocks. I know it spreads them, but...

  2. A tribute to dandelions, that's a first I think. I remember picking them too and trying to make daisy chains.

  3. A lovely poem, Delores, and so true. A handful of dandelions from a child is sweeter than a dozen or more roses.

  4. Such beautiful memory of all the dandelion gifts my grandchildren brought to me.

  5. Perfect! Looking at my first 'bouquet' as we speak!

  6. This one does immediately give you a vision of children and dandelions, I love the way you wrote this one, I'm no poet but this post makes dandelions almost worth it.

  7. Oh so true! I actually love dandelions. They are so cheerful after a long winter of brown and grey.


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