Saturday, 27 May 2017


The first day in a while that we've had no rain and decent temperatures.  Some weeding got done, lots more to do, some grass seed put down, next will be fertiliser....but I see the dark clouds are starting to move in.  I guess that's it for a few days as we head into rain again.
Does anyone know anything about holly bushes.  It would appear that one of them has sent up a sucker.  We'll leave it be until we're sure of what it is but it looks to me like it may be a new holly plant starting up.  That would be a good thing.
This is our holly in the snow.   This spring the 'mister' has put up a tremendous show of bloom and the 'ladies' have flowered in abundance and are already 'setting berry'. I cut armloads at Christmas and give them to our neighbours.   Winter is the best time to prune them.
The last bit of hedge has been taken out.  We are now hedge free.  Thank goodness.  What a job it has been to keep hedges trimmed and tidy all these years.
That's our day.....the solar lights are coming on now and the sky is getting black.  Goodnight all.


  1. Sleep well. Your holly looks picture perfect.
    Our day is about half done, and rain has driven me in from the garden. Twice. I might stop now and do some domestic duties. Or perhaps read...

  2. I love the look of holly leaves and berries covered with fresh snow, but they are prickly beasts! I know nothing about holly except that you need a male and a female to have flowers and berries, but it appears you've already got the sex ed thing down pat :)

  3. The picture is beautful.

    Hope the darkness passes.

  4. I love holly trees/bushes and keep telling myself I'll get one, but so far haven't done it. Now I don't have room, so I'll stick with plastic holly at Christmas.
    Enjoy being hedge free.

  5. The picture of your holly bush is.beautiful. Snow and holly go together so well and the red berries are perfect. Now if it would only stop raining, we could enjoy spring.

  6. That picture is lovely ...
    We have had a few days good weather, but I think rain and some thunderstorms may be on the way.

    Time for a cup of tea I think!

    All the best Jan

  7. It's a glorious, clear blue sky autumn day up here on the mountain today.

    I should've taken a photo when I was out a little while ago; I should charge my camera first, though!

    Driving along Main Western Road (the ridge along the plateau) this morning was just wonderful! Looking down to the valley below and over towards the west the whole area was (still is) covered in a blanket (more like a large, large white feather doona) of white cloud. Not a piece of the ground below could be seen because of the white cover.

    A magnificent sight to behold.

    A blue, blue sky above...and clear, crisp air up here on the mountain, but below all is shrouded in white.

    If anyone has lost their supplies of cotton balls, I know where they are!

  8. We have been having some nice days lately, finally got my hedge trimmed, I can just imagine the work involved removing hedges, not an easy job, I bet your place looks much larger without them.

    Can't tell you much about Holly bushes, I remember them growing up but have not had one of my own, I do know that is a very beautiful picture of yours.


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