Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

This weeks prompt was provided by Lee of Kitchen Connections (you can find her in my sidebar).  She has finished off her month with a very interesting selection:
Audition, fantasy, misfortune, commitment, definitive, daunting
Mysterious, defy, masterful, discourage, virulent and neurotic.
Next month the words will be provided by Elephants Child (you can find her in my sidebar as well….all the best people are there).
Why not join in with us.  Use the prompts to stir your imagination.  Write prose, poetry, fact or fiction or just read what others have written and offer your comments.  It’s free and it’s fun…what could go wrong?

Here we go…..

Aimee peered out into the school auditorium from the stage.  So many people were waiting to audition for a part in their fantasy production of Hansel and Gretel.  It was just her misfortune to have volunteered for backstage work.  Aimee sighed.  If it wasn’t for this commitment she could have gone to Rykers Park with Margot, Theresa and those three cute college boys they had met at the mall last weekend.
With the daunting task ahead of listening to all the hopeful applicants floundering through their lines she knew she would never get out of the school in time to join her friends.  Aimee squared her shoulders and put the whole glorious evening ahead for Margot and Theresa out of her mind.  She had made a promise and she would keep it.
Around the same time, Margot and Theresa were questioning their choices, being subjected to a virulent verbal and physical attack by those three young college men.  They took turns assaulting the two girls in the back of their van.  All the adventure and shine had gone off the evening.  The mysterious box in the back of the van had turned out to be a makeshift coffin that held various instruments of torture which were now in play. 
“Why did I defy my parents when they tried to discourage me from going out this evening?  I even accused my mother of being neurotic.”  Theresa moaned.  Her hands and feet had been bound so tightly she had lost feeling in them.  The knots had been tied so masterfully it would require a knife to release the ropes.  She sobbed uncontrollably as she watched Margot's dismembered body being stuffed into the makeshift coffin.  Her last thought was of her best friend Aimee safely at school where she wished with all her heart she had stayed herself.

The auditions finally over, Aimee was delighted to see the old brown van in the parking lot.  “They came back for me.” she exulted.  She would be with her friends after all.


  1. Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    This is dark, disturbing and very, very clever.
    We have all gone such different directions with Lee's prompts today.

  2. Did you hear the sound of my jaw hitting the table? This is more than a little on the dark side - and now they've come back for Aimee. I hope she senses something wrong and doesn't get into the van, although I can't see the boys letting her get away, because only Aimee knows this is the last place Margot and Theresa were seen, with the boys being the last people to have seen them.

  3. Oh Wow that is not what I was expecting, well done.

  4. Yikes - things went downhill fast! Very well written, and the hair stood up on my neck at that last part.

  5. Oh, dear! Delores! You certainly don't muck about, do you? If I see any brown vans lurking around, I'm going to slash the tyres and call the cops...immediately!!

    Good job, Delores! Remind me to always be nice to you! :)

    1. lol....I can't help where the words take me Lee.....

  6. Well, as the other com-mentors have said ... I wasn't expecting that!

    All the best Jan


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