Thursday, 13 April 2017


Windows won’t open,
no, windows won’t start.
Computer, I tell you,
you’re breaking my heart.
No colour to be seen.
Please wait, says the screen.
I’ll hold my breath,
and try not to scream.
I’ve work to be done,
but the circle keeps spinning.
Miserable machine,
for me there’s no winning.
Oh look, three million updates
are waiting to load.
Maybe I could just
throw it out on the road.
Lots of traffic today,
it might get run over.
With any luck
by a big bulldozer.
Oh, wait,
there’s a pause
and my icons are back
but with only white squares,
of colour there’s a lack.
Will it come back?
I’ll go get a snack
and maybe when I come back…..
well shoot….the whole thing just went down.
No, wait,
it’s back
and it’s all on track.
I love my computer.


  1. Love - hate, love - hate, love - hate.. Remember, before the 80's and no one had personal computers. Life was easier and less frustrating.

    1. Life was simple before cell phones computers tablets Ipads etc etc etc.....even before remote controls for your television. Bring back the good old days.

    2. Don't go too far back with the good old days. Nobody wants to go back to hand scrubbing mountains of laundry in a tub with washboard.

  2. I love my computer, too. Until I don't.

  3. Yes.
    I depend on the computer, and hate that I do. And it messes with my mind often.

  4. Computers can definitely be a love / hate relationship ... but I wouldn't be without one!

    All the best Jan

  5. Computers were invented to test our patience! They've been a success because so often they test our patience! But how we love them and how we'd be lost without them! :)

  6. I love my computer too, but when I want to shut down and leave the house in a hurry, I hate being told "Windows is downloading or installing updates, do not turn off your computer".
    If you set it to allow automatic updates, you might get them more often, but the process won't take as long, because they will be fewer in number.


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