Saturday, 29 April 2017

Birthday Dinner

It`s a little overcast this morning and a little on the cool side but I have all the windows open anyway.  The bunnies are romping around the back yard and taking care of the weed population for us and the birds seem to be `calling`for rain.
The mamma and the littles will be arriving soon for her birthday luncheon.  I`ve got bbq chicken and ribs, baked potatoes, pork and beans, cabbage salad and rolls and a birthday cake of course.  Those are some of the `mammas`favourites.
When the littles arrive I will have to squirrel them away in the office so they can sign their birthday card and wrap their gifts.  Nothing spectacular you understand as the `littlels`don`t have a big budget (and frankly, neither do I).   Doesn`t matter, the `mamma`will love it all.
Have yourselves a wonderful Saturday and I`ll be back again for Poetry Monday.


  1. Wish we had your weather today. High wind and thunderstorms all day. Also wish I still had "littles". All my grands are "bigs". LOL

  2. Sounds like the perfect Birthday.

  3. It sounds absolutely lovely. I hope that you and the littels enjoy it as much as the mama.

  4. Sounds perfect to me, the littles will be tickled and the mama happy no matter the budget, I see a wonderful birthday luncheon.

  5. That is just lovely to read.
    Have a super time and good wishes to the birthday girl ...

    All the best Jan

  6. Sounds like a good time will be had by all. Happy Birthday to mama and have fun with the littles, Delores!

  7. It all sounds perfect. Happy Birthday to your daughter.


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