Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April Showers

It's been April showering with a vengeance here this month and May flowers have already started to bloom.

The bunnies are busy doing what bunnies do.  At one point yesterday we had four of them in our back yard.

Life is returning.

Let me's still too cold out here.

Happy Spring.


  1. Just today I noticed that if I squint my eyes, the neighbours' lawns look sorta green-ish!! The crocuses were out last week and eaten by the deer three days later ... yep, spring is coming.

    1. Realized I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed all the photos you included. Mostly we are still looking at grey and brown, so it's nice to see colour.

  2. I like WInter, but it is way too long. I'm glad Spring is finally here.

  3. We are getting some welcome rain too. And a confused garden. We have trees donning their autumnal splendour - and some in blossom. They will suffer when our expected frosts hit next week.

  4. We have been covered up with bunnies too, it is entertaining watching them play.

  5. It's looking wonderful. I love going out one day and finding colour bursting from what were bare branches the previous day.It's such a hopeful feeling. We don't get cavorting bunnies around here. Most of the rabbit population is in the outback and the farming areas.

  6. Those are definitely images of Spring.

    I've heard about this "seasons" thing from other people in cooler climes.

  7. What a lovely post.
    Spring is a glorious season.
    So good to see all of your lovely photographs here.
    Great post.

    All the best Jan


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