Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

River from Drifting Through Life (you can find her in my sidebar) has provided us with our writing prompt this week....
riverbank, leadership, impressive, wachful, gifts, cheesecake   and/or   fountain, neck, conclusion, singed, purple, and lion.

Here goes:

Sigmund turned and addressed his legion of followers.

“We have only one enemy to face and she is practically indestructible.  Her name is Jolyn and her leadership of the Doog is second to none…impressive…very, very impressive.  She stands guard on the riverbank, ever watchful, protecting our target, the crystal fountain of Ytnelp.  She wears the purple raiment of the royal family…the lion rampant on her shield.  Her gifts of clairvoyance and future sight make her invincible.  Her banner flying high above her head is singed from the many magical battles she has fought in and won.  Her foot rests (figuratively) on the neck of her enemies.  I have come to the conclusion she can only be distracted from her duties by one thing…..and we have that one thing here….pass me the cherry cheesecake.  I go forth to vanquish .  Oh is REALLY good.”


  1. Brilliant. It sounds as if the cherry cheesecake has vaniquished another victim too...

  2. I am so delighted! I love this. Love that last line too. The cheesecake claims another victim; Jolyn will not be vanquished today :)

  3. Cheesecake is so powerful, I'm surprised it's not used to stop wars around the world.

  4. Well done ... perhaps cheesecake is the best!

    All the best Jan

  5. "Leave them laughing". Great story Delores.

  6. So is your use of the words....good! :)

  7. HA! Talk about a surprise... and tasty... ending!


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